T-Mobile LTE Live & Free Global Data Roaming Un-Carrier 3

nationwide4lteT-Mobile has been aggressively finding new ways to lure customers. First it changed the way plans are sold and now it’s making world travel a lot easier and cheaper.  It is also going 4G LTE throughout the nation.

Tonight at an event in Bryant Park, where Shakira performed. T-Mobile announced that its  4G LTE network reaches over 200 million people in 223 metro markets in the U.S.

T-Mobile will also offer unlimited global data to over 100 countries at no extra cost for Simple Plan subscribers.

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Here We Go Round the Samsung Galaxy Round

Samsung Galaxy RoundWe received a news release from Samsung this evening with the official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Round. [rss-cut] Earlier today there were photos leaked of the curvy smartphone with the first commercially available curved screen.

It’s really big, almost Note 3-like but has a curved screen  5.7″ HD Super AMOLED screen and curved back.  Because there is no glass, it’s very light, it only 7.9mm thick and weighs 154g. It is being released in Korea in brown only for now.  It has a leather-like stitching on the back and fits nicely in a hand.

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HTC One Update AT&T Android 4.3

BLueHTConeAT&T is pushing out over-the-air an update for the HTC One. You will get a notification to ask yo if you want to download it.

After it is downloaded you are asked if you wan to install it. Your phone will turn off and reboot during the process. You will not be able to make emergency phone calls.

Make sure that your HTC One is at 35% charged.

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