TS2R: Samsung Galaxy Curve, iPad 5/mini, Droid, BlackBerry & More

TS2R Wireless NewsAs we are dealing with some technical issues, the news is getting too short to report surrounding a curved Samsung, iPad 5/mini, HTC One Max, BlackBerry and new Motorola devices.

Ring-a-Round the Samsung

curvedsamsungA leak from Evleaks shows a prototype for curved screen Samsung Galaxy S -looking smartphone called the SM-G910S or Samsung Round for Korea where it has been certified for KCC and RRA. The flexible screen is curved down as if it were parallel to the back of an HTC One. The fact that there is leaks suggest that it should be out soon.

New iPad Releases Dated

Apple is expected to reveal the next iPad on October 22, according unnamed sources to AllThingsD.  New iPads and Mac Pro devices are expected to be revealed. Also scheduled on the 22nd is a announcement of tablets or more from Nokia/Microsoft.

Windows & Android On the Same Note?

Samsung may make a dual-boot Galaxy Note device that can use either Android or Windows RT. Apparently, Microsoft will wave licensing fees for dual boot devices.

Ha-Ha Android Security

Audience members at the Gartner Symposium/ITExpo laughed when Eric Schmidt said that “Android is more secure than iPhone.” He later stated ““in the distant future there would be an assumption that nothing is secure and that security will be devised on a per app basis for each user,” which is not very comforting.

BlackBerry Cloudy

BlackBerry revealed it new cloud service for managing iOS, Android and BlackBerry apps with simple deployment and requires no IT experience.

Let’s Talk VoLTE

AT&T reported that they hope to have their first VoLTE supported smartphone by the end of the year which will over better sound quality.

Moto Plays Big Droid & Dual-Sim

Motorola  may offer a pahblet sized Droid Quantum XPlay with a 6,3″ screen according to a post on Chinese social media site Weibo.

Motorola is also rumored to be working on the DVX a dual-sim inexpensive 4.5″ screen smartphone to sell for around $200 without a contract.

HTC One Maximized Soon

The HTC One Max phablet  according to the Wall Street Journal will be launched on October 15.

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