One Secret that Great Writers Won't Tell You

trafficjamMany people don’t realize what a writer can really do for you. Writers are information gathers.  We know how to get people to tell us interesting stories.  We then take the stories and spin them into sales or great impressions.

The world is bombarded with way too much information (TMI). Writers know how to pick out the weeds from the facts and make beautiful bouquet of symbols and analogies.

I was on the phone with a guy from tech support, which seemed to take forever. It was a very complicated matter and he did not know the answer. I was losing my patience. The website was going to be extra slow until the software was fixed.

I said to him, “You must have the patience of a saint to deal with all these complicated situations and crazy people.”

He replied, “It’s like driving in traffic.”

What a wonderful metaphor for someone who lives in Los Angeles. Those of us who have navigated through massive traffic jams have learned to take our time relax and enjoy the ride.

A good writer will sit in the traffic for you and then come up with a great metaphor for your product that will help people understand your product or service better.  We also have the patience of saints for learning about situations.

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