Why is Location, Location, Location Important to Los Angeles Writers?

Los Angeles City WriterAt one time Freelancewriternow.com showed on the first page of Google results for “freelance writer, Los Angeles” or “freelance writer L.A.”  Then I stopped updating the website on a regular basis and stopped paying attention to what people where looking for when they wanted a writer in Los Angeles.

We realized that we needed a fresh approach to writing for Los Angeles.  We changed our web platform to WordPress and optimized pages for all devices.  Pages now load in less than a second.  We are also writing more articles to help you decide how to chose a writer for your needs.

Let’s first at why you should hire a writer in the community of Los Angeles.

The best reasons to hire a writer in the same city as you are such as Los Angeles are:

  • You are in the same time zone.
  • You can meet with the writer in person.
  • The writer can meet with your clients.
  • The writer knows how to get around in Los Angeles.
  • The writer knows how Angelenos speak and communicate differently than other cities.
  • The writer from an Enterprise zone can offer tax credits.
  • A woman-owned business may be an advantage.
  • The writer has references in L.A. and locally.

We at Freelance Writer Now have been providing services to Los Angeles for over nine years and is verified in Yahoo Local. 

Owner, Lynn Walford has been a member of IWOS (Independent Writers of Southern California), Book Publicists of Southern California, Alameda Writers Group and Toastmasters International.

When you buy local, you know who you are dealing with and you can check references.  The writer can know you better and write better.

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