80% Original Content Needed for the Best SEO Writing

After testing thoriginalousands of articles, we found that in order for any article to get over fifteen thousand page views, it has to be at least 80% original.  If Google or Bing can find the original source and the article is only 40% original or less, the search engines will send traffic to the source, most of the time.This keeps out the garbage but also knocks out legitmate news articles that cite the original articles. The assumption is that all news no matter what source is the same.

That’s why it very important that you hire a professional writer, who knows how to make sentences without copying the original sentence structure and wording.

This problem was created after the massive copying of files using autoblogging software.  As many of our friend know our websites were the target of content theft to the point where the stolen content ranked higher than the original.

Since Google couldn’t fix that problem that made stolen content rank higher than the original, it tweaked to the point that it knocks almost everything else out the search results.

This has made writing not geared towards to how easy itis to read by humans but for search engines.  A real writer can be totally original with stealing content but it takes much more time and much more talent.

We at Freelance Writer Now can create totally original content that both readers and search engines love.

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