Not All Technical Writing is Good: How I Taught iPad to My 96-Year-Old Neighbor

facetimesWhen I tell people that I write about technology, they think that I am a technical writer for Wireless and Mobile News, for which I am editor and a technology writer or journalist. I cover breaking technology. Part of my talent is figuring out what people want to read and then giving them the information in a format that they can understand. When I wrote “Computers Made Plain” articles for Investor’s Business Daily, I wrote for the audience of intelligent investors who needed to know how computers worked.

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How to Create Unforgettable Product Trademarkable Names

When you name a product you should be sure to check for certain qualities and be as creative as possible.

In 2006, I wrote the following article under the title “How to Create Product Names that Sell and Tell.”

If you search the title today, you will find uncreative people who copied the article verbatim, some of whom put their own name on the article. These are not the kind of people you would to name your product, because if they can’t write an article about product naming, then they obviously can’t name a product!

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Why is Location, Location, Location Important to Los Angeles Writers?

Los Angeles City WriterAt one time showed on the first page of Google results for “freelance writer, Los Angeles” or “freelance writer L.A.”  Then I stopped updating the website on a regular basis and stopped paying attention to what people where looking for when they wanted a writer in Los Angeles.

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Los Angeles Tech Stringer Near Los Angeles Convention Center

TradeShow Floor by JournalistAs news organizations cut down on staff, it has become too expensive to send reporters all over the country to cover events.  We at Freelance Writer Now offer journalist stringers to cover events in Southern California, including Los Angeles.

Located near the Los Angeles Convention Center and Pasadena Convention Center, Freelance Writer Now can cover events on the spot and file stories in time for your deadline.  We are available for conventions, trade shows, expos and other big events.

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One Secret that Great Writers Won't Tell You

trafficjamMany people don’t realize what a writer can really do for you. Writers are information gathers.  We know how to get people to tell us interesting stories.  We then take the stories and spin them into sales or great impressions.

The world is bombarded with way too much information (TMI). Writers know how to pick out the weeds from the facts and make beautiful bouquet of symbols and analogies.

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News Releases

News releNews & Press Release Writingases are a special form of letter fax or e-mail sent to the media, which contains information or tells them about a news story.

News releases are also called press releases. There are several free and paid services that post news releases online and also post the news to Google and Bing news sites.

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